Below are listed the most common print sizes. Additional and custom sizes available upon request.

Current Pricing Schedule

Matted Print

11x14 matted print (image size 7x10) $ 85

16x20 matted print (images size 10x15) $ 125

20x24 matted print (images size 12x18) $ 175

Print-only Print

10x15 print-only (image size 10x15) $ 125

16x24 print-only (image size 16x24) $ 275

24x36 print-only (image size 24x36) $ 475

Dura Plaq Print

12x18 Dura Plaq (image size 12x18) $ 275

16x24 Dura Plaq (image size 16x24) $ 375

24x36 Dura Plaq (image size 24x36) $ 675


40x60 Dura Plaq Triptych $2,395