Customer Testimonials

The calm tropical-looking water of Lake Michigan off Harrington Beach State Park, Belgium, Wisconsin in late spring (PHP_IMG_13835)

Below are customer testimonials from a few of the many proud owners of Powder Hill Photography fine art landscape prints.

You will note there is a mix of matted printsprint-only and Dura Plaq prints.


“Thank you for the great eye”

  • PHP_IMG_10531 (Big Thompson River Boulders; 24×36 Dura Plaq)

  • PHP_IMG_13039 (Big Muskellunge Lake; 24×36 Dura Plaq)

  • PHP_IMG_8555 (Cordwalk at Kohler-Andrae; 16×24 Dura Plaq)

  • PHP_IMG_9428 (Meandering Boardwalk; 16×20 matted print)


“We bought two of your (matted) photos (and had them framed). They are displayed beautifully in our living room. One is of a milkweed which looks different every time I look at it.

My wife and I love your work. See you at the art fairs this summer we hope.”

  • PHP_IMG_12143 (Milkweed pod; 16×20 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_12497 (Feather; 16×20 matted print)


“Quick story about why I purchased this print (11×14 matted print) that you might enjoy…

A few years ago I started my own company making beard oil and moustache wax, in my basement, using my wife’s crockpot. As small as my operation was, I had aspirations of growing the business into a brand that sold globally.

Around this time I visited a friend’s company in Fort Worth and he had a (lithographic) version of “Meandering Boardwalk” in the men’s room. I liked the print and asked my buddy about it. He said he got it for free for ordering $1500 or more (of product from the shipping supply company). At the time my business didn’t even gross $1500 a month and I could hardly fathom spending that much on boxes and shop supplies. I made a mental note that I wanted to grow big enough to earn my own “Meandering Boardwalk”. To some it may seem silly but getting that first print represented a personal victory and was sort of a rite of passage for me in business.

Since then I’m pleased to report that my business has grown significantly and we are one of the largest companies in our industry, selling all around the world and in every high end mall in America. I’ve picked up eight of the (“Meandering Boardwalk”) prints (and would have more except that (the shipping supply company) discontinued them). This smaller print will go in the company RV as a mascot of our achievement and reminder of how we got here–a meandering journey that has been enjoyable in its own right.

Thanks for what your photo has meant to me”.

  • PHP_IMG_9428 (Meandering Boardwalk; 11×14 matted print; previously (8) lithographic prints)


“We went to town today and picked up the package from you. Imagine how thrilled we are to have another signed original (print), and it’s of our favorite mountain! It will look wonderful in our new home.

Thank you so much. We treasure it already.

  • PHP_IMG_12984 (Clouds over Longs Peak, RMNP; 16×20 matted print)


“Got it on Saturday. Looks great, thanks a lot!”

  • PHP_IMG_13795 (Driftwood at Harrington Beach; 11×14 matted print)


“Thanks. Love the prints”

  • PHP_IMG_8022 (Aspens in the fall in RMNP; 20×24 matted prints)

  • PHP_IMG_10809 (Northern Wisconsin in fall; 20×24 matted prints)


“All is good. Delivered and hung. It’s perfect.”

  • PHP_IMG_13107 (Fall maple leaves at Trout Lake; 24×36 Dura Plaq)


“Your photos make me smile every day!”

  • PHP_IMG_5024 (Ponderosa Pines in RMNP; 8×10 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_5205 (Ice Age Trail boardwalk; 8×10 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_8022 (Fall Aspens in RMNP; 8×10 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_11866 (Spring maple leaves and pines; 8×10 matted print)


“Every day I get up and see the three beautiful prints lighting up my kitchen with color and scenic views. I have now had them on my wall during all of the seasons and they add something special and never fail to brighten the day.

Visitors always comment on them and how they complement the design of our kitchen”.

  • PHP_IMG_7292 (Sandhill Cranes; 8×10 print-only print)

  • PHP_IMG_7378 (Prairie Coneflowers; 8×10 print-only print)

  • PHP_IMG_10810 (Autumn reflections; 16×24 print-only print)


“We just love our newly purchased Golden Tamarack photo. It captures the wonderful serenity of being out in the beautiful Wisconsin outdoors.

We highly recommend Powder Hill Photography to anyone who loves and appreciates nature….though you might have difficulty deciding which of the many awesome photos to choose!”

  • PHP_IMG_11713 (Shoreline autumn tamaracks; 16×20 framed pint)

  • PHP_IMG_11314 (Big Thompson River rapids; 24×36 Dura Plaq)

  • PHP_IMG_10783 (Autumn maple leaf on log: 8×10 matted print)


“I recently purchased two amazing photographs from Drake. My whole family loves them! He has a special way of capturing a moment in time that stays alive in the photograph forever.

When you look at Drake’s photographs, you are immediately drawn to them. Whether it’s mountains, rivers, trees or wildflowers, his amazing talent for capturing just the right angle allows the viewer to be transported to that moment.

Thank you Drake, for giving us this amazing timeless gift!

(The winter scene print is) on one wall in the kitchen so I see it every time I cooked. … We enjoy your art so much!”

  • PHP_IMG_8003 (Holzwarth Historic Cabin, RMNP; 16×20 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_12358 (Winter ski trail; 20×24 matted B&W)


“Drake’s photography shows his keen perception of the sublime beauty of the Wisconsin landscape. We ordered a large gallery wrap to bring some of that beauty and vision into a special space in our home.

Drake’s courtesy and professionalism made him a pleasure to work with, and the piece that we received exceeded our expectations.

  • PHP_IMG_10810 (Autumn reflections; 32×48 gallery wrap)


“My print arrived in perfect condition. It was waiting at my door when I returned from Missouri. It’s off being framed.

It’s even better than I had anticipated. I love it.”

  • PHP_IMG_11713 (Autumn tamaracks; 16×20 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_12347 (Winter spruce tree; 20×30″ print-only print)


“We love our monarch Dura Plaq print. The composition of the shot is wonderful and the vibrancy of the colors makes it feel like we’ve brought a favorite insect friend into our house.

The hardest part of the whole process was to decide which of the prints to purchase!”

  • PHP_IMG_10609 (Monarch Butterfly; 12×18 Dura Plaq)


“The boardwalk print we purchased from you was so beautiful that we had to take a road trip to see it for ourselves.

We go back there every time we look at it.”

  • PHP_IMG_9428 (Meandering Boardwalk; 11×14 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_11713 (Autumn tamaracks; 11×14 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_12178 (Sunstar in fall woods; 11×14 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_12383 (Deer in winter; 11×14 matted print)


“Just want you to know we had the pictures framed and the tree picture … turned out fabulous. The wood frame and the matting softened the look and we really like it.

Thank you for the board walk picture. We framed that in a grayish wood which is perfect.

We are happy campers!”

(And after receipt of their fifth print, the Dura Plaq)

“The picture is perfect…We love it. Our daughter helped us hang it and we put it in a place where we can see it most often”.

  • PHP_IMG_11713 (Autumn Tamaracks; 16×24 print-only print)

  • PHP_IMG_12867 (Star Lake in summer; 16×24 print-only print)

  • PHP_IMG_8555 (Boardwalk over sand dunes; 11×14 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_12178 (Sunstar in fall woods; 12×18 print-only print

  • PHP_IMG_14340 (Steven’s Creek in fall; 24×36 Dura Plaq)


“I purchased a print of Harrington Beach in the fog at the South Park art fair last summer. When I got the print in the mail I realized I would have liked a larger size. Drake was great at working out a trade-up, and the new print arrived very soon.

Later in the Fall I purchased a print of a cabin in Rocky Mt. National Park that I saw on Drake’s on-line web site. The frame I asked for perfectly enhanced the print. Again, it arrived in a timely manner.

Drake is a great guy, and a great photographer. I look forward to seeing his works at future art shows.”

  • PHP_IMG_11142 (Fog at Harrington Beach; 16×20 matted print)

  • PHP_IMG_8003 (Holzwarth Historic Cabin: 16 x 20 framed print)

  • PHP_IMG_5314 (Fall road, Northern Wisconsin; 16 x 20 framed print)


“I came across Drake Fleege’s photography while searching for a print representative of Northern Wisconsin where I spent childhood summers. I found just the right print and contacted Drake to inquire about sizes and cost.

Since that first contact Drake was in constant contact with me throughout the purchasing process. He advised me about sizing ratios, payment options and printing details. …

Drake gave me regular updates from when the order was made until it reached my doorstep. The print was packaged superbly. No amount of rough handling could have damaged it.

Best of all, the print quality is so crisp, clear and detailed, you could put a window frame around it, hang it on a wall and think you were looking outdoors.

Drake knows how to photograph and truly wants his customers to be pleased. I really enjoyed the acquisition of this beautiful print.”

  • PHP_IMG_9548 (Pier at Star Lake; 24×36 print-only print)