Printing Process


What Type Of Paper Do You Print With?

I personally print all of my fine art prints (see below), and do so exclusively on Breathing Color Pura Smooth paper. It is 100% acid-free, 100% OBA-free, and 100% cotton rag matte paper. After testing many different papers, I've found that Pura Smooth delivers the colors and depth that I seek in my photography. The paper, with the Epson HDR Ultrachrome inks, have a light fastness and archival rating of over 100 years.

Why Do You Print Your Own Prints?

I print all fine art prints with my own Epson Stylus Pro 7900 large format printer. I do this because I believe the print is the final expression of my artistic vision of the particular scene.

When I first started considering selling at art fairs, I researched a number of different professional print labs in the United States. I’d send sample file images to them for printing to see if I liked the results. This was well worth the effort, as I found things just didn’t appear as I desired. The only way to create the prints that I wanted was to do so myself.

Printing a fine art print is not as simple as hitting the “Print” button and have great results. Rather the print itself is the final culmination of many details that merge as the paper leaves the printer. This includes the type of paper, the ink, the color calibration, the monitor, processing and printing with Lightroom, etc., just to name a few.

The process of printing a fine art print also involves carefully reviewing the final print. If I’m not satisfied, I make changes and print again. For large prints, I often print the image smaller first for the review copy. It is not uncommon to print an image a number of times before I am completely satisfied!

Rest assured, only after I am completely satisfied will your print ship to you. This includes all print-only, matted, and Dura Plaq prints.

Do You Sign Your Own Prints?

Whether you purchase a print-only, matted print, or Dura Plaq print, all fine are prints are personally signed by me, in the lower right-hand corner on the print. I do not use any electronic or digital signatures.

My signature on your print is your "certificate of authenticity". It does not go on the print until I am completely satisfied. As mentioned above, only then will it be shipped to you.

Do You Offer Limited Editions?

All of my fine art prints are not limited editions. While doing so is clearing a decision by the artist, I choose not to limit my prints to those who may wish adorn their office or home. I'm in good company with this practice. Ansel Adams himself did not limit his editions either.

Admittedly many of my images are never sold in volume. If someone where to offer to purchase a particular print and request that it never be printed again, I might consider doing so for the appropriate fee. Thus far, no one has made this offer.