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How do I purchase one of your prints?

There are selected images in the Prints Store, immediately available for purchase without the need to contact me. Once purchased, I will personally print and fulfill your order. More prints are being added to the Prints Store daily.

How do I search for images?

Visit the Search page and utilize the search bar. Type in the keyword(s) or the full image file number (ex. “PHP_IMG_14775”) to find your desired image. Unfortunately, partial file numbers are not searchable.

Blog articles that utilize the same keywords will also be returned for your reading pleasure.

What Is The Difference Between Print-only and Matted Prints?

All fine art prints (print-only, matted and Dura Plaq) are printed by me using my Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer with Epson Ultra-Chrome HDR ink. I use only 100% acid-free, 100% cotton rag Pura Smooth paper.

The difference is after the print is made. The single cut, matted print will come mounted (with polypropolene corner) to a foam board, and proteced with a 100% cotton rag off-white mat. It is ready for you to place into your frame.

The print-only print is just that. It is a single print, stand alone, by itself. It will ship rolled. You will then take the print to your local framer for matting and framing.

Is the matted print single cut, acid free?

Yes, I use the Crescent mats. All mats are off-white, single cut, 100% cotton rag, acid-free mat.

What is the Image Size of the Prints?

The matted dimension of a print takes into account the mat material (see below regarding frame size). The image size is smaller than the matted size. The print-only and Dura Plaq print sizes are also effectively the image sizes.

Keep in mind the print-only print will require a mat and frame from your local framer, therefore the overall size will be larger.

The Dura Plaq does not require any additional matting or framing, thus the image size and “finished” size are essentially the same.

Please reference the Pricing page chart to view the image sizes vs. the matted sizes.

Is The Matted Print Dimensions The Frame Size?

Yes.  The matted print dimension is the required frame size (frame's internal dimension).  As an example, a 16x20 matted print will require a 16x20 frame.  A 20x24 matted print requires a 20x24 frame.   

Keep in mind because of the thickness of the foam board I use, the frame will require a 7/16" rabbet depth.  

The actual dimension of the image, however, is smaller than the matted dimension.  As an example, a 16x20" matted print will have a 10x15" image size.  The 20x24" matted print will have a 12x18" image.  Because Dura Plaq does not use a mat or frame, the image and finished size are essentially the same. 

For Art Fair Prints, Do You Re-use Mats of Unsold Matted Prints?

Yes.  I will keep a print in the booth for 2 years, 3 if it is somewhat popular.   I replace approximately 35-50% of the matted prints within the bins each year.  Of the prints that do not sell, I retain a few for spare inventory.  It is from this inventory that I select a print for a silent auction.

Of the prints I do not wish to keep, I remove the print from the mat and destroy it.  If the mat is in great shape, I will then re-use it for a new print displayed at art fairs.  If there are any bent corners or scratches, the mats will also be destroy and no longer used.

All ordered prints are matted in new mats.  The ordered print is printed “on-demand”, specifically for the order. It is then matted with a recently cut mat that has never been used or displayed at art fairs.

What Is A Dura Plaq Print?

A Dura Plaq print is a fine art print, which I personally print, using the same acid-free cotton rag Pura Smooth paper that I do for all fine art prints. Upon printing and signing, I then send the print to a Colorado firm that mounts the print to a 3/8" thick eco-friendly acid-free board. An attractive black bevel edge finishes the trim.

The board itself is sealed with an acid-free sealant. The print is finished with a matte finish, which also then provides moisture and UV protection. It will ship directly to you from Colorado, and will be ready-to-mount upon arrival.

What is a Dura Plaq Triptych print?

Dura Plaq Dura Plaq prints are extremely attractive way to occupy that large space on your wall. The below examples are each three Dura Plaq panels, 20” wide by 40” high, making the overall print dimension 40” high by 60” (or more, depending upon spacing) wide.

Just as with all of my fine art prints, I print the triptych images prior to having it mounted as a Dura Plaq. Each panel is signed in the lower right corner.

No additional matting or framing is required. Three triptychs are provided below. Scroll right or left to see each.

Is A Dura Plaq Print Difficult To Install?

Dura Plaq prints are actually relatively easy to install. Because you will be leveling and drilling two holes for the anchors, I suggest doing so when you are relaxed and not rushed. Please read "Mounting your Dura Plaq Print".

Although the write-up is lengthy, it really is an easy process. I've jsut covered all the bases in the article. Any questions, always contact me.

Just take your time removing all the packing material wrapping, cut shallow, using a scissors on the backside of the print (please dont' cut on the front side - too easy to cut or scratch your print). 

Can I Review Your Art Fair Prints Before The Fair?

Yes, I have a gallery of each size (ex. 16x20) prints on the Art Fair page. Once on that page, scroll down to see the three different galleries (16x20 prints, 20x24 prints and Dura Plaq displayed prints).