Matted vs Print-only Prints

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What Is The Difference Between Matted and Print-Only Prints?

All fine art prints (print-only, matted and Dura Plaq) share the same initial characteristics:

  • All prints I sell are images I have personally captured.

  • Each image is carefully developed to my artistic vision, using Adobe Lightroom.

  • My final vision is created when I personally print each image using my Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer with Epson Ultra-Chrome HDR ink

  • The paper is exclusively 100% acid-free, cotton rag Breathing Color’s Pura Smooth paper.

  • Upon completion, each print is personally and individually signed by me, in the lower right corner of the print, using an acid-free ink.

The difference comes into play after the print is created.

Matted Print

  • The matted print consist of the print, mounted (using polypropolene corners) to a cotton rag covered foam board and proteced with a 100% cotton rag Crescent off-white single cut mat. (I cut the mats myself). Your print will ship flat in a box, enclosed in an acid-free Clear Bag.

  • Once you receive the matted print, you’ll take it to a local framer to select the frame of your choice.

  • Due to the thickness of the foam board, the frame will require a 7/16" rabbet depth.

Print-Only Print

  • The print-only print is just that. It is a stand-alone single print, printed on a single sheet of cotton rag paper. The print will ship rolled.

  • No matting or framing are provided. Your local framer will provide both the matting and framing of your choice.

  • The print-only print option allows you the most flexibility in selecting both the mat and frame.

What Is meant by Image Size?

The image size of the print is the actual image size, without matting or framing.

As an example, a 10”x15” print-only print’s image size is 10”x15”. The 16”x20” matted print’s image size is also 10”x15”. The additional length and width is the mat.

Please reference the Pricing page chart to view the image sizes vs. the matted sizes.

are The Matted Print Dimensions The Frame Size?

The matted dimension of a print takes into account the mat material. The image size, as illustrated above, is smaller than the matted size.

The matted dimension is the required frame size (frame's internal dimension).  As an example, a 16x20 matted print will require a 16x20 frame.  A 20x24 matted print requires a 20x24 frame.   The actual final size of the framed print will be dictated by the frame’s overall dimensions.