Licensing Information & Publishing Credits

Various publications where landscape photographer Drake Fleege has had his images published

Print Photography

Images found in the print stores on this site are reserved specifically for fine art print sales. In very rare occassion, an image may also be made available for RM licensing. My stock photography is now listed on my Powder Hill Photography - Stock Photography site (see below) and with AGPix.

Rights Managed Licensing

All licenses are for Rights Managed (one-time, limited-use) and will incur the usage licensing fee, dependent upon size, placement, purpose, print run, etc.  I do not offer my images in return for “great exposure”. I’ve found “great exposure” never pays the bills!

To License An Image

Should you be interested in licensing an image on this website, send me your planned usage, the image number, and proposed budget.  I will respond with the licensing fee. A large JPEG (or TIFF if specified) file will be provided upon payment.

Stock Photography

I market my stock photography on two different sites:

I have thousands of images (growing daily) available on each site. On the Powder Hill Photography Stock site, each image (large JPG file, Adobe RGB) is available immediately for download, following convenient on-line license payment (securely through PayPal).

On AGPix, you will see the same images, though smaller size. A 500 pixel image is available for comping. Should you desire to license an image seen on AGPix, you would contact me directly. I will invoice you for payment, then provide a secure link for download. (TIFF files are available upon request).

See below for publishing credits (for those publications I’m aware of).

Copyright Protected

All images of Powder Hill Photography, Drake Fleege (on the Fine Art Photography site as well the Stock Photography site) are copyright protected. The copyright has never been, and never will be relinquished.

The company name, the copyright symbol and my name, and my web site address are found on the lower right corner of each image. (Incidentally, this is also the same location I sign all fine art prints). The copyright statement is removed on the downloaded licensed image.


Should you have any questions, please contact me. 

Publishing Credits

With most of my stock photography previously listed with stock photography sites, I never knew where the image was used. (I do know for what purpose, ex. editorial, museum display, etc). When I license my images directly, I do know where the images are used.

A short listing of publishing credits that licensed directly with me include:

Magazines & Publications

  • Chicago Life

  • National Wildlife

  • Mother Earth News

  • Wisconsin Trails

  • Country Extra

  • Weekly Reader

  • Scholastic

  • AAA Living

  • Smokies Life (Great Smoky Mountain Assoc)

  • Northern Woodlands

  • Wildflower (cover)

  • Destinations

  • "Insects and Roadless Forests" (published research report)

  • Door County Visitor Guide

  • Wisconsin DNR (State Fair mural display)

  • Wisconsin DNR (tower kiosk)


  • Amazing & Unusual USA

  • Recreational Facility Management

  • Stories of the Old Ones, Hunter and Fisher from Sheltered Water

Marketing & Advertising

  • Cowboy Brad Fitch, "Columbine Blue" CD (CD insert)

  • Cowboy Brad Fitch promotion (candy bar wrapper)

  • Edward Jones Financial Advisor billboard

Documentary Film

  • "The Last Mountain" (documentary film)