Licensing Information


Print Photography

Images found on this web site that are typically reserved for print sales. Depending upon the application, though, they may also be made available for licensing.

Rights Managed Licensing

All licenses are for Rights Managed (one-time, limited-use) and will incur the usage fee, dependent upon size, placement, print run, etc. 

I do not offer my images in return for “great exposure”. I’ve found “great exposure” never pays the bills!

To License The Image

Should you be interested in licensing an image, send me your planned usage, the image number, and proposed budget.  I will respond with the licensing fee. A large TIFF file will be provided shortly after payment.  (All prints are only priced for prints).

Copyright Protected

All images of  Powder Hill Photography, Drake Fleege are copyright protected. The copyright has never been, and never will be, relinquished.

The company name, the copyright symbol and my name,  and my web site address are found on the lower right corner of each image. (Incidentally, this is also the same location I sign all fine art prints).


Should you have any questions, please contact me.