Dura Plaq Print - Standard & Triptych

The overhead clouds and blue sky reflect into the calm waters of Devils Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin on an early August afternoon (PHP_IMG_12566)

How Does the Dura Plaq Print differ from Matted and Print-only Prints?

All fine art prints (print-only, matted and Dura Plaq) share the same initial characteristics:

  • All prints I sell are images I have personally captured.

  • Each image is carefully developed to my artistic vision, using Adobe Lightroom.

  • My final vision is created when I personally print each image using my Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer with Epson Ultra-Chrome HDR ink

  • The paper is exclusively 100% acid-free, cotton rag Breathing Color’s Pura Smooth paper.

  • Upon completion, each print is personally and individually signed by me, in the lower right corner of the print, using an acid-free ink.

  • With triptychs, each panel is individually signed as well.

  • All prints make are perfect for the home decor, office setting or health care facility.

The difference comes into play after the print is created.

After Printing, to Colorado, then to you, Ready-to-mount

Upon completion of your print, I then send it to a Colorado firm where the print is mounted securely to an “eco-friendly” 3/8” thick board. An attractive black bevel edge finishes the trim. The back and all sides are sealed with black paint, further accenting your print.

The mounted print is treated with an acid-free, non-glare UV protective finish. The natural colors wihin your print are preserved, further drawing out the depth of the image.

Your ready-to-mount finished Dura Plaq print ships directly to you, via FedX Ground. Timeline from order placement to the print at your door is approximately 3-4 weeks. Your Dura Plaq print is complete. Neither additional matting nor framing is required.

What Is A Dura Plaq Triptych Print?

Dura Plaq triptych prints are an extremely attractive way to occupy that large space on your wall.

Each of the three panels is 20” wide by 40” high, making the overall triptych print dimension 40” high by 60” wide (or more, depending upon panel spacing).

Just as with all of my fine art prints, I print the triptych images prior to having it mounted as a Dura Plaq. Each panel is individually and personally signed in the lower right corner.

How to Install Your fine art Dura Plaq Print

Dura Plaq prints are relatively easy to install. Because you will be leveling and drilling two holes for the anchors, (triptychs require a total of six), I suggest doing so when you are relaxed and not rushed. Please read "Mounting your Dura Plaq Print".

Although the write-up is lengthy, don’t let it scare you! I've just covered all the bases in the article. Any questions, always contact me.