Artist Statement 


Listening To What Nature Has To Offer

As a self-taught, award-winning, landscape photographer, my photographic goal has always been to “give a voice” to the land and the natural environment, (paraphrasing a John Denver lyric from“Wild Montana Skies”) in my own small way.

Since I was young, I’ve held an interest in the natural sciences. Stationed in the California desert with the Navy, I picked up an old Argus 35mm camera and started capturing the landscapes of the area.

My interest in both photography and the natural environment never waned. Combined with my natural science degree, I visualized photographic opportunities while driving many miles in my previous sales career. Following my conversation with Denali (true story),  I retired early from Motorola on Friday, October 13, 2006 and committed to landscape photography full-time.

When looking through the viewfinder, I hear the music that nature offers. Each aspect of the scene becomes one instrument playing its part in the total composition.

Rather than simply documenting what lies before me, I strive to allow the viewer to emotionally enter the scene, experience the nuances of the image, appreciate its “musical composition” and benefit from its inspiration.  (I should note, two influencers of my photography are John Denver and John Muir).

The Ultimate Expression Of My Vision - The Print

As an artist, I’m free to create the image that I envision when depressing the shutter. Part of this includes making all the decisions, from capture settings through to the final print.

I always view creating the best image in the field (via lens selection, composition, etc.) the first criteria for a successful print. Post processing only amplifies the visualized image that I had initially created. The final print, which I print myself, allows for this ultimate expression of my initial visualization.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

I am uncompromising in my quest to provide the highest quality, natural color landscape prints. My signature on your print is your “certificate of authenticity“, knowing that your print meets and exceeds my standards.

All purchases (both at art fairs and on-line on this web site) are backed with my 30-day, 100% satisfaction, no-hassle return policy.   If you are not satisfied with your print - for any reason - return it to me within 30 days from date of purchase and I will immediately refund your purchase price less shipping. 

My goal is that you are more than satisfied and are proud to have my landscape photography decorating your home or office environment.

Drake Fleege 
Powder Hill Photograhy LLC 
Hartford, Wisconsin

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