Art Fairs

Typical art fair layout for photographer Drake Fleege’s booth, with matted prints, Dura Plaq prints and the newsletter sign-up location.

To see my high quality, fine art landscape photography “up close and personal”, visit my booth at one of the shows listed below.

Why so few shows? Due to family calendar collisions on more than one occassion, this listing works out best against all the other committments brought forth with summer!

If you miss me at the show, no problem. My prints are always available directly on this web site for immediate purchase, all day, every day!

2019 Wisconsin Art Fair Schedule

June 1 & 2 – Holy Hill Art Farm Fair (Hubertus)

July 13 – Lake Country Art Festival (Naga-Waukee Park, Delafield)

September 21 & 22 – Holy Hill Art Farm Fair (Hubertus)

October 12 & 13 – Holy Hill Art Farm Fair (Hubertus)

Inventory Rotation

I tend to keep a matted print in the booth for 2 years, three if it is popular.   I replace approximately 35-50% of the matted prints exhibited at art fairs each year.  Of the prints that do not sell, a small few are retained for inventory. 

Of the prints I do not wish to keep, I remove the print from the mat and destroy it.  If the mat is in great shape, I will then re-use it for a new print displayed at art fairs.  If the mat has any bent corners, dents, or scratches, the mat will also be destroy and no longer used. A new mat will then be generated.

All ordered prints are printed “on-demand” specifically for the order. It is matted with a recently cut mat that has never been used or displayed at art fairs.

Considering Entering Art Fairs?

If you are considering entering art fairs yourself, you may enjoy a number of blog articles (under “Art Fairs” category) I've written about my experiences at art fairs since starting in 2012.